Lesley Rollinson

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What happens between parents and children is a very personal matter, and we are all aware of pressures and expectations from outside the family. I first worked therapeutically with emotionally troubled children, and when I became a parent myself (and later a grandparent) I gained that new and very different perspective!  Working with parents in groups, or with individual parents/families, I have seen the effectiveness of strategies from parenting programmes combined with the value of an opportunity to sit down and reflect.  I have enjoyed spreading this knowledge as a trainer and supervisor.  My job as a Primary Mental Health Worker within CAMHS has equipped me to offer short-term work with children and young people to identify difficulties and to offer strategies according to need.
Training: teacher, counsellor, mental health modules including CBT and SFBT, trainer and supervisor of parenting workers.
*within Primary Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (PCAMHS, now CAMHS Getting Help) over the last 12 years. This has included direct work with children from 4 to 18, their parents and families, and conditions such as ASD, anxiety, behavioural or attachment problems, and key experience advising parents of anxious children
*earlier in my career working therapeutically and teaching at the Mulberry Bush School in Standlake
*Outreach worker for a Family Centre for 4 years, age range 0 to 5, baby massage sessions, toy library
*Parentline volunteer and trainer
*HomeStart volunteer
*trainer and supervisor of parenting workers
*over 8 years as a parenting group co-facilitator of Webster-Stratton, Family Links (Bavolek), ParentTalk/Take 3, Strengthening Families programmes
*TIPS trainer (to train parenting group workers) 
I shall be very happy to discuss with you what kind of support I might offer that will suit your need.