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Lesley Rollinson

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It is natural for parents to have worries about their children at times.  If you find those concerns are growing then it can be useful to talk to someone in confidence to put them in perspective.  We are all aware of pressures and expectations from outside the family, as well as the impact of the Covid pandemic on levels of stress and confidence.   Working with individual parents/families, and with parents in groups, I have seen the value of taking time to understand what is happening for your child and learning strategies that can support them.
Training: teacher, counsellor, mental health modules including CBT and SFBT, trainer and supervisor of parenting workers.
*within Primary Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (PCAMHS, now CAMHS Getting Help) over the last 12 years. This has included direct work with children from 4 to 18, their parents and families, and conditions such as ASD, anxiety, behavioural or attachment problems, and key experience advising parents of anxious children
*earlier in my career working therapeutically and teaching at the Mulberry Bush School in Standlake
*Outreach worker for a Family Centre for 4 years, age range 0 to 5, baby massage sessions, toy library
*Parentline volunteer and trainer
*HomeStart volunteer
*trainer and supervisor of parenting workers
*over 8 years as a parenting group co-facilitator of Webster-Stratton, Family Links (Bavolek), ParentTalk/Take 3, Strengthening Families programmes
*TIPS trainer (to train parenting group workers) 
I shall be very happy to discuss with you what kind of support I might offer that will suit your need.

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